Every successful pitch, presentation and party starts off in the best of shoes. Alexander Kay is to the bone convinced one should never have to compromise style and street. Established to let you find the perfect pair of sneakers, designed to be worn – By you, as you. Stay true to the power of sneakers. Make sure to grab the full potential of everyday possibilities.

Of course it all started with a pair of exceptional sneakers and a confident statement.

Aleksandar had it all figured out. Suit and tie. Tie and suit. All day and occasionally, all night. But a revelation grew in him – the sneaker is the ultimate and unconditional walk in. That’s how we stay true to our style and soul. The boring, flat fine shoe must give way.

Aleksandar founded Alexander Kay and initiated a refinement of the dressed shoe. Today, Alexander Kay is devotion in every detail. Sneakers in full swing, swag, for any occasion.

Find your own unique style and let your personality shine through with one impactful accessory.